Heartland Security "The Power to Protect "

Heartland Security Services is owned by People's Energy Cooperative and 13 other electric cooperatives across Minnesota and Northern Iowa who have supplied you with safe, reliable electric power for many years. With our reputation for service, quality, and innovation, you can be confident you're choosing the right security provider for your protection.

Heartland Security installs residential and commercial alarm systems as well as home medical monitoring systems, and currently protects nearly 7000 customers with many different concerns. They offer competitive rates, exceptional service and superior equipment.  Each Heartland Security system is uniquely designed to meet your specific needs and can protect you

Heartland Security Offers:

  • Temperature and ventilation sensors protect homes, livestock, pets and other temperature sensitive items and areas by sending an alarm signal alerting the property owner or other designated individual if conditions fall above or below pre-set levels.

  • Medical alarms allow people to remain independent in their homes longer with 24- hour emergency assistance available at the press of a button.            
  • Sensors arm any window or door in the home and may also be used to safeguard anything in your home that contains valuables such as jewelry cases, gun cabinets, collections and antiques

  • Glass break sensors are sensitive to specific frequencies caused by breaking glass and are usually placed on the ceiling in the center of a room.                

  • Motion sensors use passive infrared technology to detect the body heat of an intruder.

  • Smoke sensors and carbon monoxide sensors alert authorities of a potential problem, even if the property owner is away from home.

Heartland Security also offers a lifetime warranty and installs commercial alarm systems that include monitored intrusion and fire protection, card access systems to limit and track entry into and throughout the premises, and camera surveillance systems to record activity.

For more information call 1-888-264-6380 or visit website: www.heartlandss.com

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