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Power Line Safety

Safety is our top concern, both for the public and our employees.  Always call the Cooperative if you see a downed power line, broken pole, or a tree limb, kite, or other debris across or near a power line. Always assume a line is energized and stay clear of it!  Below is a clear example of what can happen if a line is still energized after it has fallen.

If you are involved in a vehicular accident involving a power line, stay in the vehicle until emergency assistance arrives unless there is imminent danger.  If the vehicle is on fire and you must evacutate, it is critical that you do not touch the vehicle and the ground at the same time. With both feet positioned tightly together make sure you jump far enough away to clear the vehicle so you land with your feet together and on the ground at the same time and then shuffle away.

Click below to watch a short video about safely exiting a vehicle that is in contact with power lines.


Vegetation management is so important near power lines.  If trees or vegetation grow too close to the lines, trees can blow into them.  Watch the video below to see what can happen when trees are not kept clear of lines.  If you have trees on your property that are too close to power lines, please contact us immediately and we can help ensure they are handled safely.



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